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About Us

Big Hops Cibolo is a neighborhood gathering place for craft beer lovers. We are the wholesome family and pet friendly taproom. We also keep music and event volumes at levels enhancing conversation.

We celebrate beer while leaving the brewing to the capable breweries.

Cibolo BEEr

Are you a connoisseur of beer?
Yes! Then you have what it takes to become one.
No! Don’t worry. You’ll get there once you are in the program, Pal!

As The Beer Master you win cool swag, all it takes is that you visit us and drink your favorite brew.

Over the age of 21, you are good to go, jefe. Let us know when you are in the bar and we’ll hook you up.

In Cibolo, Duh….

Big Hops Cibolo proudly presents Cibolo Beer Masters exclusively in Cibolo.

Set yourself apart from all the other watering holes, become a Cibolo Beer Master in Cibolo!

Everyday, friend.

All it takes is one drink.

Each visit to the tavern counts as an entry. It is about the quality time we spend, not the quantity we drink.


Big Hops glasses, hats, Yeti’s, T-shirts, FREE beverages, medals and more all in the works.

Honestly, you don’t need the prizes. It is just cool to become a CIBOLO BEER MASTER.


“Beer” with us! While we iron out all the cool activities you can enjoy while you are at Big Hops Cibolo.

Name The Beer: You can come in every night and ask us to get in on this ice cold drinking game.

Here’s how it works:
You will try a total of 12 4oz tasters, served in 3 flights of 4.
Take your time, enjoy the drinks, familiarize yourself with their names with taste.
Once you’ve had ’em all, you will be served one more from the dozen. Name it correctly, champ; and you’ll get 2 out of 3 flights on us.

No Cheating! We will go over the ground rules before the game.

More Fun Games n Activities

Daily Events

Come On Over


Monday – Friday:  3:00 PM – 12:00 AM
Saturday: 1:00 PM – 12:00 AM
Sunday: 1:00 PM – 10:00 PM